Reseller Hosting
Reseller Hosting
Do you need an inexpensive web hosting reseller? Check them out online for great service and hot deals

Do you need an inexpensive web hosting reseller? Check them out online for great service and hot deals

Are you interested in reseller hosting, but you would like a little more information? Have you check online to learn more from one of the informative sites on inexpensive web hosting resellers? Reseller hosting is basically when a company provides web hosting services to companies at a low cost who then act as a web host for other companies.

The reseller is kind of a middleman of web hosting. An inexpensive web hosting reseller will generally provide web site design and web site management services as well as acting as host for the site and acting as a server.

A reseller buys discounted hosting services from a reliable web hosting company, then resells them at a profit to their clients. Generally, an inexpensive web hosting reseller adds some sort of value to the hosting services. This provides their clients with an incentive to purchase the hosting services from them rather than directly from the primary hosting company. A reseller hosting company may add web site design, maintenance, and improved support to their package.

The three parties involved in reseller hosting are the original web hosting provider, the reseller, and the client who wants his website promoted, designed, managed or tweaked. You can read more about the services and benefits of being involved as an inexpensive web hosting reseller. Take a look online to see what great packages are available to you to promote your website.

Hosting for Resellers
  • - VDS Reseller Program
    Allows you to resell Virtual Dedicated Servers that have their own server software that runs inside an isolated file directory fundamentally giving a user their own UNIX environment.

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